Monday, 30 November 2009

One Sunday in Second Life

On Sunday morning Ed received a SL London Group notice which said that a soapbox was being placed at ‘Speakers Corner’ in the Hyde Park sim. There was an invitation for residents with something to say to make use of it. In RL for more than 150 years, on any Sunday morning, people gather in small groups near the Marble Arch. There are those with opinions to air, those that want to listen and those who are just plain curious! Here you can see grassroots democracy in action. Previous patrons of Speakers Corner have included Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, George Orwell, William Morris and many politicians.

Ed headed over and mounting the soapbox immediately became very animated (as you would expect!). He started off with a grumble about the holes in the roads at sim boundries, then went into a full rant about the 'tier' has to pay Governor Linden on his property, a stealth tax on prims he calls it.

Besides reporting SL London news on Virtually London (lite), Ed is also a contributor to the Our Virtual Trilogy blog. Having posted his first article about the Desired Dreams Air Museum, he decided to follow this up with an item about the largest airship in SL, The Pegasus Zepplin, and went to have a look on Sunday afternoon.

It's billed as a residential and vacation airship, offering a mature and sophisticated environment for relaxation and a romantic get away. Though visually impressive, it consists largely of accommodation and there was not a lot going on, most of the action happening inside the cabins no doubt. The designer/builder is SL legend Bill Stirling who is also responsible for the fabulous SS Galaxy cruise liner which Ed also plans to visit soon.

On Sunday evening Ed, Hibs and Janey went to the re-opening of the Greyhound Pub in SL Kensington, just a stones throw from the VL(l) office. The new host/landlady is Cutewillow Carlberg, a popular hostess from the Underground Club. Also along to offer support were UGC regulars Nils and Hotstuff, and Wiccy and Evie from the Coach & Horses pub in the Mayfair sim. Seany the Kensington sim manager, got everyone into the mood by giving away free samples of the entire cocktail menu. Amid much falling about even Janey ended up flat on her face, lol. Eventually guitars were produced, and Ed joined Hotsey and Wiccy jamming to the streamed rock music with Nils on the mic. Great fun and the first of many good nights hopefully to come at the 'Dog'. Best wishes and Good Luck to Cute and thanks to Janey for letting me use her photo below.

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