Wednesday, 4 November 2009

This is Ed Follet

This is the journal of Ed Follet, an avatar in the virtual world called Second Life (SL). Ed has been a member or 'resident' of SL since March 2009 and spends much of his time in the London regions (simulations known as sims). This is where his avatar was first rendered as a 3D object - 'rezed' in the SL vernacular. Ed has made friends in London and has found employment as a reporter for Virtual London (lite) - a news blog.

Like all SL avatars, Ed has only artificial intelligence. He is guided in the things he does by an anonymous benefactor who ensures Ed has enough Linden dollars (L$), the SL currency, to spend on the things he likes. The benefactor is known to Ed as PBK and has also provided him with a 'parcel' of virtual land and a house to call his home. Here, and on a second parcel of rented virtual land, Ed can pursue his interests.

Almost every object in the SL virtual world has been created by its residents using tools available to them all. This content creation or 'building' is considered very important by Linden Labs (LL) the owners of SL. Ed is a creative avatar and aspires to become a competant builder. He is particularly interested in vehicles, especially aeroplanes and motorbikes.

Ed also has an eye for art and is grateful for the beautiful objects that abound in SL. He thinks nothing of traveling from one end of 'the grid' (the SL world) to the other in order to capture them with 'snapshots' or simply to appreciate and enjoy.

Ed is generally a quiet, thoughtful and observant type of avatar, unlike many of his male peers, who he says are overdeveloped extroverts. He spends much time pondering the meaning of his second life but can also be humourous and enjoys music and dancing, good discussion and banter with his friends.

In this journal, PBK will be recounting Ed's experiences and adventures with some of his observations and ideas. He hopes the reader will find them perhaps thought provoking and maybe amusing but certainly entertaining. He welcomes your comments.

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  1. Congratulations on opening the blog Ed! I am really looking forward to reading your stories about life in SL!!

    Janey :)