Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The Life of a Reporter In SL London

Ed returned to the SL London sims on Friday after an absence of just over a week. He insists that there's no truth in rumours circulating that he was banned from Hyde Park for wearing a loud shirt or 'banged up' for fishing off Chelsea Bridge without a license. Actually Ed has been having connection problems, so you could say that he's been imprisoned in cyberspace. In fact it is possible for avatars to do porridge in SL. A quick SL search revealed 'The Terminal Island Correctional Facility', described as being ‘immersive prison role play in the ultimate setting of an island prison for women’. Ed is a long time fan of ‘Cell Block H’ and he's wondering if they need any extra staff. It could be a new twist to the story of the ‘Bird Man of Alcatraz’ lol. Ed reported on the Nickelback Tribute Concert on Saturday night for Virtually London (lite) . He was joined at the venue in SL London's Knightsbridge sim by his friends Janey and Hibiscus (also VL(l) reporters). Virtual pop concerts are becoming a big feature of SL London. So far Ed has seen Guns’n’Roses, Def Leppard (twice), Queen (briefly due to problems) and now Nickelback. More concerts are planned for the near future including the tribute bands of The Beatles, Abba, the Bee Gees and a return gig for Guns'n'Roses.

After a hard day chasing stories in SL London, with occasional forays to more distant sims, Ed likes to ‘chill’ at the ‘Underground Club’ (UGC) in SL Knightsbridge . The club is open every night, usually from 8 pm till 2 am, with 3 DJs each playing a 2 hour set. The club is very popular, with a regular crowd that Ed feels part of and everyone there, both staff and patrons are friendly and welcoming. Visitors are constantly popping in to see what's happening and then moving on, some returning later. You will hear a lot more about the UGC because it’s very much at the centre of Ed’s social life. He was in the club last night with Janey and Hibs, admiring the talent when a party of ‘Bunny Girls’ teleported in. Poor Ed's computer crashed in the mad scramble to get good snapshots, lol. Just one of the perils of being a news reporter in SL London.

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