Sunday, 13 December 2009

Big Musical Weekend

With the final countdown to Christmas under way, all the stops are being pulled out in the London sims to provide quality entertainment for visitors. On Friday night Ed went along to the first of the seasons parties being held in the new Westminister sim. The venue was a club called 'Comptons' and musical performances were from an all UK line up which varied from blues guitar to jazz saxophone.

The Underground Clubs new cafe was officially opened on Saturday evening with a gig in the club from singer/guitarist Maximillion Kleene. Max has played London before and is obviously very popular with his distinctive voice. This was followed by the weekends main event, a Bon Jovi tribute from SL’s Bad Ampitude virtual rock band. The venue was a stage rezed 500 metres above the UGC in the Knightsbridge sim.

Bad Ampitude are a group of friends in SL, some are RL musicians, who act out live performances in tribute to a number of RL bands. They have already performed a Queen tribute in SL London back in October and will be doing a Beatles tribute next weekend. Ed reported on the Bon Jovi gig for Virtually London (lite).

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