Monday, 11 January 2010

Swimming with Seals (and a Mermaid!)

Ed was taking it easy to-day after the frolics of the previous night. His friend Amourette is building a new house and Ed paid a visit to see how she was getting on. They arranged to meet later for a swim at the Haven of Rogues sim, which is actually one of an estate of four aquatically themed regions.

Ed dusted off his Scuba gear which until now has n't seen a lot of use, and Am donned her Mermaids tail. There were a few wrecks to explore and the usual shoals of fish, but by using pose-balls you are able to swim with a family of seals. There is lots more to see and plenty of fun to be had, so Ed will probably be returning before long.

After a break Ed called up his friend Hibiscus and invited himself over to her place in the Victoriana sim. In the picturesque harbour area, Hibs has opened a gallery selling art with an office and rooms above. Ed admired the delightful period furniture and other lovely objects which Hibs has acquired. Ed could n't resist bashing out Chopsticks on the old Joanna, lol.

Returning to the Underground Club, Ed socialised awhile with his friends until it closed. Just as his thoughts were turning towards bed, he received a note saying a Metallica concert was about to start. Ed reluctantly (oh yeh!) TP'd over to the Extasia (adult) sim. So what Ed thought was going to be dull time, turned out to be an enjoyable and fun packed day. Thanks to all of his Second Life friends.

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  1. I'm glad you had such a nice day and that you dropped over for a while. Love the pictures!