Thursday, 7 January 2010

Blond Moment

Ed decided to enter the 'Best in Blond' competition at the UGC last night but unwisely didn't read the instructions on the hair dye bottle, well he is a 'typical male' avatar. Now it looks like he is stuck with his new blonde locks. To add insult to injury he didn't get even a single vote!

The Second Life grid was unaccessible for a period to day due to maintenance. Ed has been wanting to create jet engine flames for his aircraft for a while, so he used the time to watch a SL tutorial about 'Particle Effects'. He then TP'd over to the Particle Lab sim to pick up the necessary scripts, and after a few adjustments to the parameters he was pleased with the results.

More Machinima, a tale with a Christmas theme about Second Life builders... it contains a tutorial about making 5 pointed stars with prims and sculpties. Compliments of the Second Life blog, Enjoy!

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