Thursday, 14 January 2010

Ambrose Island

Ed's home is on the beautiful island sim called Ambrose. The land he rents covers about a quarter of the eastern shore (about 1/16th of the sim overall) and he has lived there for about 4 months now. The sim owner is a lovely female avatar called Vbinnia Radek, Ed has become good friends with 'Vb' and her close companion Melody who both also have homes on Ambrose.
One of Ed's joys is riding around the the Ambrose fore-shore, either on a motorcycle or his faithful old steed Dobbin. There is amazingly variety of terrain, vegetation and buildings on different parts of the island, reflecting the diversity of the tenants and their ideas of the perfect home or retreat. A network of paths and waterways intersect the various parcels of land ensuring free movement and preventing adjacent builds from encroaching on each other.

Although Ambrose has no specific theme, Vb herself follows the SL style of ‘Victorian Steampunk’. This is a sub-culture best described as a meeting of technology and romance, and is set in a world where steam power is still widely used. It is full of fantastic inventions like those found in the books of HG Wells and Jules Verne, Vb is also an aviatrix and shares Ed's fondness for flying. Having declared Ambrose an aviator friendly sim, her home in 'the Quarry' resembles an airship hangar. Vb's own Ambrose information pages can be viewed here.

Melody's mansion covers a large area in the south western corner of the island and seems to be continually evolving. The most recent additions being an archaeological dig in a newly discovered amphitheatre and the Victorian glasshouse complex. Read about Melody's home in her own words here.

Next to the quarry is Ambrose Mountain, an area provided by Vb for the enjoyment of everyone including visitors. The stiff climb to the top is well worth the effort for the stunning panoramas at the viewing points of all parts of the sim. It's Ed's favourite place in SL when he is looking for a little solitude, especially at sunrise or sunset. Ed considers that he was very fortunate to have been invited to make his home on Ambrose, because it is probably the best residential sim on the grid.

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