Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Wot! No UGC?

Ed met with major disappointment to-night, for the first time that he could remember the UGC was closed all night. Occasionally in the past DJ's have not been able to get in for their individual 2-hour stints, but Ed can't recall the last time when none of the scheduled DJs have turned up.

Ed has been sorting his photos and came across this image, which has helped cheer him up. It was taken towards the end of one of DJ Gens sets, when as often happens, an amusing object or gesture is pulled from someone’s inventory and shared around. The object in this case was a Kangaroo, which was 'worn' and gave the appearance of being ridden. Added to this was a bouncing dance gesture with UGC beanie hats and the result - an hilarious antipodean scene, the only thing missing being the corks swinging from the hats, rotfl!!!

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