Sunday, 28 February 2010

Gamesmanship In Second Life

A photographic competition is being held in the Knightsbridge sim, as reported by Janey Bracken for Virtually London (lite). The first prize is a generous L$5000, equivalent to $20 US at current SL rates of exchange. It is also about six months wages or one months rent for Ed ??? That's why he has to sell his body, err... I mean he has to enter the themed competitions in the UGC, lol. Naturally Ed took a nice snapshot and posted his entry with the others in the Knightsbridge Gallery.

Ed dropped by the gallery on a couple of occasions to see how many votes he had received, the current totals are displayed on the boards next to the pictures. Each time there was a crowd of avatars milling around the boards but not voting or in any apparent hurry to leave. Ed decided to hang around and see what was occurring. A discussion was going on and one of the avs, who was also the photographer with the highest number of votes, was explaining that he had sent a note-card to his whole friends list offering to TP them there in order to vote for him. Not strictly against the rules, the major political parties do a similar thing in elections when desperate for votes. However Ed feels this is very unsporting and not at all British, but then why should he expect it to be? An example of gamesmanship in SL, Ed thinks that everyone reading this should protest. And they can do so simply by dropping into the Knightsbridge Gallery and clicking on a picture, preferably the one above the name Ed Follet, ha ha .


  1. Hi Ed, This is very unfair, and as you know I went along to the gallery last night and did challenge them. It spoiled what should have been a nice photo contest for a little bit of money. I had to laugh when I saw the swaggering around of the people involved, whom I’m sure they thought they looked like big shots. Well big shots putting so much time and effort into winning 5000 Lindens did nothing but make themselves look broke and desperate. I hope they are happy with the win, a couple of pairs of shoes and maybe a few clothes, was it worth it? no, people will simply alter the way things are judged in the future, they spoil it for everyone! My sympathy goes out to you and the rest of the people who entered the contest and if you want to leave your remarks on VL(l) today, feel free to vent your wrath!!

    Janey x

  2. Thanks for your support janey :-))