Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Tally Ho!

I have decided to repost this picture because it is actually today that we celebrate as Battle of Britain day, recognising the heroism and sacrifice of the young pilots referred to by Winston Churchill as the 'Few'. The 15th September is considered to have been the turning point in the great aerial battles of the summer of 1940, after which the Luftwaffe could no longer be expected to gain the air superiority over southern England that it needed for a successful invasion. But it was not the end of the bloody campaign which officially ran on until the 31st of October, however from the German viewpoint the end didn't come until the spring of 1941 with Hitler's invasion of Russia and the transfer of his forces to the Eastern front. The intervening period became known as the night 'Blitz' when the Nazi's attempted to bomb Britain into submission by targeting its cities and their civilian populations.

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