Sunday, 23 May 2010

Coming Home

Major Tom (Coming Home) - Peter Schilling

Ed was wandering round a shopping mall when he heard this on the radio. The lyrics struck a chord with Ed and using the magic of SL he soon found the track on YouTube. This animation is amazing, although it's not SL it should be possible to achieve something similar with Machinima or better even!

The last Apollo mission to the moon blasted off on 7th December 1972. Today Shuttle launches have become routine but the sheer spectacle and excitement of the mighty Saturn 5 rocket rising from the pad is something that will not be forgotten by those who witnessed it.

Across the stratosphere... a final message,
"give my wife my love"... then nothing more.

Far beneath the ship... the world is mourning,
they don't realize... he's alive.
No one understands... but Major Tom sees,
now the life commands... this is my home.
I'm coming home.

There is an electronica version by Shiney Toy Guns here.

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