Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Ed's First Rezday

To-day Ed celebrated his first rez-day, 12 months since his avatar rendered for the very first time at the London Gateway in the Hyde Park sim. His good friends at the UGC kindly decorated the club and provided a huge cake, Ed particularly thanks Brie and Seany but also DJ Janis and host Nahiram for a mega party.

Most of Ed's friends dropped by to join the fun, Isobel was wearing a cute outfit for a 'Best in Blue' competition. Ed thanks everyone for their cards, presents and good wishes.

After the UGC closed the party moved on to another club, BG’s Bistro on the Port Jefferson sim. Here Ed's friend DJ Gen was also celebrating a rezday, her second. This party had a 70's Disco theme and was an amazing riot of colour.

As Ed finally flopped into bed he remembered all of the lovely people who have made his first year in SL such a wonderful experience, none more so than his reporter chums Janey and Hibiscus. Thank you to everybody, this was without doubt the best day of Ed’s Second Life so far.